Article I: Identification

The organization shall be entitled the "International Club of Business Students" (ICBS).

Article II: Purpose

The purpose of ICBS is to create an educational and cultural environment in which business students who have an interest in international business can share ideas and experiences within the university setting and community at large. ICBS allows International Students to network and experience international business concepts with U.S. business students.

Article III: Executive Council

The ICBS shall maintain the following officers: President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary. Officers for the following academic year shall be elected by a majority vote of members present at the last meeting of the spring semester. A special election will be held at the end of the fall semester in the event that an officer graduates midway through the year. Any individual possessing membership to ICBS is eligible for election to an office.

Article IV: Membership Requirements

Eligibility to ICBS is open to all students who have a major or minor in business and show interest in international activiites while sharing the same goal and interest of the club. All International Sudents interested in the goals of the club may also be eligible. Membership to the ICBS requires all students to pay a membership fee of $10 per sememster, payable to the Treasurer of ICBS.

Article V: Officer Responsibilities

The President organizes and leads meetings and activities and sees that the club is fulfilling its purpose. The Vice President shall manage public relations and assume the duties of the President in his/her absence. The Treasurer shall conduct all financial business and maintain the appropriate financial records. The Secretary shall keep minutes of meetings, maintain all other organizaional records, and handle all correspondence of the organization.

Article VI: Provisions for Amendment and Ratification

This constitution shall be ratified/amended by a 2/3 majority vote of members present at the meeting.

Article VII: Provisions for Financing

The ICBS shall be financed by membership fees, general contributions, and fundraising activities. Funds shall be allocated by what a majority vote of members at the meeting deem appropriate.

Article VIII: Procedures

Members will decide andvote on meeting procedures (whether formal or informal). Motions shall pass with a simple majority. In the event of a disagreement regarding procedure, Robert's Rules of Order shall be useds as a guide and resource.

Article IX: Meetings

Meetings will be held twice a month on dates determined at the beginning of each semester.


Amended October 19, 2001
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